„Мечтай с Деси-Когато звездите мечтаят с теб!“


It’s time to announce the winning couples in our joint campaign with actress Desi Bakardjieva.

The actress from the series «Stolen Life» Desi Bakardjieva joined the «Dream with Desi — When the Stars Dream With You» charity campaign organized by New Life Clinic. The start was given on  March 1, and the winners who will receive an in vitro procedure with stimulation included and an in vitro donor egg procedure with a 50% discount were selected on the day of Cvetnitsa, «I was looking forward to reading the emotional stories of couples with reproductive problems because they are a real treasure for my heart. Each letter is a little inspiration, and I sincerely share the emotions of families and what they really want most. On the verge of one of the brightest holidays – Easter, I want to send to all the message that they have to believe in the power of dreams, to not give up and always make the first steps. This is the most important thing — the first steps towards their dreams and desires. If you do that, the wheel turns and everything goes in the right direction. We chose to announce the end of the campaign at a time when we are all together, getting better, united and taking over the magic of the Easter spirit, «said Desi Bakardjieva. In early May, winners will be handed a certificate for the procedures in the New Life campaign. «It was not easy to choose the winners. We read the letters very carefully, discussed them with the New Life team and decided that these were the two most inspiring letters that really touched us, the actress said.

The names of the two couples who will get the chance to fulfill their dreams are:
  1. Miroslav Sirakov from Plovdiv — Free in vitro procedure with stimulation included.
  2.  Radostina Kaloyanova-Dimitrova from Bourgas — An in vitro procedure with donor eggs with 50% discount.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the «Dream with Desi» campaign. We are always at your disposal when you need our help!


The actress talked about her initiative to help couples with reproductive problems at «Wake Up»

«I will gift an in vitro procedure with stimulation included and a donor egg procedure because there are people who, unfortunately, have reproductive problems but the dream of having a child does not die in them. I very much hope that this initiative will have a meaningful end, «revealed Desi Bakardzhieva in» Wake up. «

«It is important for me to have more Bulgarians. The latest statistics scared me. I want for Bulgaria to have more children and more families to be happy. It should be known that reproductive health is very important, » told the actress.

«There is an email posted on my Facebook page where anyone of you can send me a letter to tell their story and why they want a child. I will carry out this initiative in cooperation with a clinic in Plovdiv, for which I am very grateful to Dr. Petrova and all the other specialists. Together we will read the letters and give these two procedures on Good Sunday, «said Desi Bakardjieva.

The actress has revealed that her decision to make this initiative was also influenced by her role in «Stolen life.» Her heroine in the most successful Bulgarian medical series, Dr. Hinova, has also encountered reproductive problems.

What more Dessy Bakardjieva has told about the initiative, watch the video from Wake Up.

Do not miss the next episodes of «Stolen Life: Love Heals» from Tuesday to Thursday at 20.00 on NOVA.


Мечтай с Деси


Take part in the charity campaign “Dream with Desi – When the Stars Dream With You!” by actress Desi Bakardjieva and New Life Clinic.

New Life Clinic donates one free in vitro procedure with stimulation included and an in vitro donor egg procedure with a 50% discount.

Send Desi Bakardjieva and New Life Clinic your personal history, thoughts and feelings as a letter to e-mail: desi@newlifeclinic.bg and you can fulfill your most cherished dream – a home filled with child’s laughter!

The dedication of the loved by all actress Desi Bakardjieva, together with the New Life Clinic in Plovdiv, to the couples with reproductive problems in Bulgaria has prompted the star we know from the tv screen and New Life in vitro center to create the “Dream with Desi – When the Stars Dream with you! ” campaign which will fulfill the dreams of two Bulgarian families by donating one in vitro procedure with stimulation included and an in vitro procedure with donor eggs with a 50% discount. The campaign starts on 01/03/2019 and will continue until 21/04/2019 – Good Sunday. Desi Bakardjieva and the team of the clinic will announce the lucky winners on April 22, 2019.

All those who meet the conditions for the in vitro procedure, as well as the donor egg one, can take part in the initiative. They will have to write a letter in which to share their emotional story. Participants must first learn about the rules for participating in the clinic’s website.
In the week before Easter – one of the brightest family holidays, make your dream come true and embrace the chance to become a parent with the support of Desi Bakardjieva and New Life Clinic.


The campaign is open only to Bulgarian citizens.




Folic acid or vitamin B9 is necessary for the proper functioning of many enzymes and cell division. Its intake is important to everyone, and the need for it is doubled in pregnancy.


Folic acid is needed by both the baby and the mother. It protects the fetus from neural tube defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly. Its use is associated with a reduced risk of premature birth and other birth defects. Folic acid stimulates the formation of erythrocytes in the mother, thus preventing anemia.


It takes some time to reach the optimal levels of folic acid in the body. If you are planning to get pregnant, you should start taking it 2-3 months before conception.

About 80% of pregnancies around the world are unplanned. Women find out that they are pregnant around the sixth gestational week when the fetal nervous system has begun its development. For this reason, experts advise that women of reproductive age should take a dietary supplement with folic acid. In the US, they deal with the problem by fortifying pastries with it.


Some people carry a genetic mutation that makes metabolizing folic acid more difficult. The likelihood that you have this mutation should not scare you. All you have to do is choose supplements containing L-methylfolate.

Last but not least, the dose is important. Pregnant women need about 500 micrograms of folic acid daily, and may continue to take it during lactation. Many foods (spinach, nuts, beans, etc.) are rich in folic acid. Unfortunately, the amount needed is difficult to obtain through food, so choosing the right prenatal vitamins is essential.



Modern medicines development has made cesareans a routine procedure. There are numerous indications for this kind of surgery and for many women it is the only way to give birth safely.


Some women suffer from conditions that can render a normal delivery dangerous. These include eclampsia that doesn’t respond to medication or heart failure. Insulin treatment for diabetes can make the baby overweight and a vaginal delivery impossible. If you have myopia over 3 diopters there’s a risk that pushing can cause retinal detachment.

Anomalies of the placenta (placenta praevia, accreta or an abrubtion) or birth canal issues are indications for a c -section as well.

When the baby is in an oblique or transverse position or the umbilical cord has prolapsed into the vagina, a c-section should be performed. If the baby is breech, natural delivery can be attempted. If you’re pregnant with twins and the first twin isn’t breech you can try giving birth vaginally.


Deliveries are a very dynamic process and changes can occur at any moment. Sometimes in the course of a natural delivery a c-section might be needed after careful assessment by the medical team. This usually happens due to fetal distress or in cases of a prolonged labor. After your water breaks, the baby is no longer protected by the amniotic sac and the risk of infection increases.


When there are no indications for a c-section, vaginal delivery should be encouraged. Some mothers want a specific birth date for their baby. Such a practice can lead to dangerous consequences for the baby as it might not be ready to be delivered.

If you’re afraid to give birth naturally, please discuss the matter with your OBGYN or even a psychologist. Vaginal deliveries are much easier on the mom in the long run and it is even suggested that they strengthen babies’ immune system. This happens as the baby comes into contact with the vaginal flora.

However, If this is your final decision, it should be respected by your healthcare provider.


The time has come to announce the end of the «Wish Campaign»

Here are the selected people against the campaign’s regulation:

A free IVF procedure, which includes complete stimulation, is given to :

1.Pepa Grozeva from Plovdiv city, the number of comments below her picture are 5363

2. Tania Boncheva from Plovdiv city, after a vote by the clinic team in the criterion of a positive and emotional picture in the spirit of Christmas wonders.

Congratulations to the girls and their partners , we wish them good luck!

„Пожелай си!“



The compassion that we and our partners feel for couples with reproductive issues drove us to create the “Wish!” campaign. For the 5th year in a row the campaign will make possible the dream of more Bulgarian families by donating 2 IVF procedures. The “Wish!” campaign is open to all Bulgarian citizens. This year our team decided to combine the power of modern technologies with the positive message of the campaign. That is why we ask you to send us photos. The campaign officially starts on 1st December and concludes on 25th December 2018. You can send your videos until the end date of the campaign. Voting for the different clips will take place until 20 January 2019. On the 21 January the team of New Life will announce the winners.





Wine is among the few beverages that are not only delicious but healthy as well. In small amounts it regulates blood pressure, calms you down and acts as an antioxidant. That is why many women wonder if they can indulge in a glass of wine while pregnant.

The well-known ban on alcoholic beverages during the nine months of pregnancy is rather the result of fear of abuse. Your obstetrician-gynecologist cannot be sure you will not drink too much. Their main goal, as well as yours, is for you to give birth to a healthy baby.

Although healthy, wine contains alcohol, which has potential risks. We are not talking about a couple of glasses during the nine months, but about chronic alcoholism. It is assumed that daily intake of alcoholic beverages (mostly hard liquor) increases the risk of birth defects by 40%.


The liver of the fetus does not produce the enzymes needed to break down alcohol. How much alcohol will reach the baby depends on the function of the mother’s liver.

Along with premature birth, development issues and low birth weight, there is a risk that the baby will suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is characterized by delayed mental and physical development, problems with speech and memory, as well as heart defects.

Especially dangerous are the first 3 months of pregnancy, because at that time the organs of the baby are developing. Nearly 80% of pregnancies in the world are not planned and many women consume alcohol before they know they are pregnant. To prevent complications, do not drink until after the baby is born.


In Bulgaria, alcohol is part of almost every event. Whether it is a dinner, a birthday or a wedding — it is highly unlikely to go alcohol free. Fortunately, for all who cannot consume alcohol, there are non-alcoholic alternatives to popular beverages. Along with the popular non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine is also available. It is not just alcohol-free, it also has 1/3 of the calories of regular wine.

, проф. Нери Лауфер ще консултира пациенти в клиника Ню Лайф на 15 и 16 Октомври

The world renowned expert in Assisted Reproduction Prof. Neri Laufer will consult patients at New Life Clinic

The world renowned expert in Assisted Reproduction Prof. Neri Laufer will consult patients at New Life Clinic on 15th and 16th October 2018. Due to the high interest and limited number of time slots, we advise you to make an appointment as soon as possible on 032/ 693 693 or free number 0800 13 006 (for Bulgaria only), where you will receive additional information.
дни на отворени врати ин витро с донорски яйцеклетки

Open Day: Donor Eggs Program

Dear friends,

We would like to welcome you to Our Open Day on 16th October (Tuesday) 2018 at 18:00 at New Life Clinic Plovdiv!

TOPIC of the Open Day: Donor Eggs Program

We would like to welcome you on 16th October 2018 at 18:00 at New Life Clinic, where as part of our open day specifically for couples interested in a donor egg procedure, you will receive complete information about the program by Prof. Neri Laufer, Dr. Dobrinka Petrova and Assoc. Rumen Dimitrov.

The program gives you the opportunity to select a donor that meets your requirements. You can choose your donor based on information such as eye and hair color, height, education, blood type and others, as well as get to know the medical history of the donor and her family.

All couples who visit the open day will receive a free consultation with one of our reproductive specialists Dr. Dimitar Tanev or Dr. Andrey Minchev after booking an appointment .

We ask all couples who would like to attend the open day to confirm their presence by calling 032/693 693 or 0800 13 006, where you would receive additional information about the event. You can also confirm your presence by sending us a personal message to the clinic’s Facebook page.