Burgas couples received free consultation in the field of reproductive technologies in our country

The manager of New Life Dr Dobrinka Petrova informed patients about innovations in the field of assisted reproductive tehnologies. She shared their personal experiences and wished more young families to experience real happiness of the onset of the long-awaited baby.

At the Open Day Burgas a new collaboration was introduced among \»New Life\», Hospital \»Virgin Mary\» and Medical Center \»St. Sofia\». From the event it became clear that \»New Life\» clinic and Hospital \»Virgin Mary\» will work actively for the convenience of patients with reproductive problems from Burgas and the region.

High-tech equipment at New Life allows accurate and precise diagnosis and treatment. Experts at the medical center have been trained in prestigious hospitals Hassadim and Asuta in Israel. The team of the clinic diagnoses, advises and treats both female and male factor infertility

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