New Life Clinic donates two free IVF treatments including stimulation.

Embrace your dream with the \»Wish!\» campaign of  New Life Clinic.

New Life Clinic donates two free IVF treatments including stimulation. Send us your personal story on e-mail: and you can fulfill your most cherished dream for the Christmas holidays — a home filled with children\’s laughter!

The campaign \»Wish\», which can  fulfill the  most cherished dream of two families for Christmas, launches on 04.12.2015 and will continue up to 25.12.2015. On the 21.01.2016 – the national celebration of Babinden —  the winner will be announced.

The empathy towards couples with reproductive problems in Bulgaria of clinic New Life — Plovdiv and partners of the campaign FOT, MLD and IVD BG to couples with reproductive problems in Bulgaria prompted the IVF center to create the \»Wish\» campaign, which will make the dream of two Bulgarian families possible by donating two in vitro procedures.

The initiative is for couples who meet pre-set conditions and also write a letter  sharing  their emotional  story, thoughts and feelings so as to convince the jury that they are the most appropriate couple that deserves the prize.

You can check the complete conditions for participation in the campaign at the official website of the clinic: — \»Wish\»

The  letters will be published in the Facebook profile of New Life Clinic – Plovdiv with complete confidentiality to the participants. All of them will receive the right to participate, but only the most touching letter will win  the first IVF procedure.


Second prize will be drawn on a lottery basis, including all participants, whether their letter impressed the jury or not.

The winning couples will be announced on 01.21.2016 (Day of maternal care) at New Life — Plovdiv in the presence of a notary, the whole jury and all guests for the winner of the first prize and the second prize will be  drawn on a lottery basis. The event campaign \»Wish\» will be captured on video and uploaded to the website and social profiles of New Life Clinic — Plovdiv.

The five members of the jury are representatives of the company for hormonal medication in vitro LMD, \»I want a baby\» and Association \»Conception\» and, of course, two specialists from New Life Clinic — medical manager Dr Dobrinka Petrova and Marketing Manager Vladimir Penchev.

\»As a member of the jury of the \» Wish! \» campaign I realize the heavy task that we have undertaken in order to choose the winning couple. It is clear that we cannot donate all IVF procedures, and therefore, there will be a lot of couples unhappy with this fact.  We want to ensure the participants who do not win, not to lose hope, because we will take care of each case at New Life. Our center is known for its professional counseling and caring attitude towards all patients. On the other hand, I want to say that we will continue with new campaigns in the future, because the interest in the initiative is enormous, even before its launch, \»commented Dr. Petrova in regards to the Wish campaign.

Couples who meet the conditions should send their letters to  email address until 25.12.2015.

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