When they hear the word “stress,” most people think of something bad and harmful. In many cases, however, stress is useful – it helps us better adapt to our environment and become better at what we are doing. A good example of this is working out, which subjects our body and muscles to stress but it is the only way to get stronger and more resilient. So, you should not be concerned about stress per se but rather about it becoming too much.

Pregnancy is accompanied by a number of changes, some of which invariably increase the level of stress in your life.

For pregnant women too much stress increases the risk of premature birth, low birthweight and high blood pressure. Stress hormones such as cortisol reduce your body’s ability to deal with pathogenic bacteria and viruses. This results in an increased risk of infections which lead to pregnancy complications.


  1. TALK TO WOMEN who HAVE GIVEN BIRTH! For many pregnant women, pregnancy itself becomes a source of stress. The baby’s health and delivery pain are among the most common causes of stress. Fortunately, a conversation with someone who has already been through it all can be very calming for most pregnant women.
  2. DO NOT WORK TOO MUCH! If you decide to continue working while you are pregnant, it is better not to overload yourself with additional tasks. You are growing a whole new person inside of you and that is worth slowing down for.
  3. EAT HEALTHY and WORK OUT REGULARLY (with your doctor’s permission). Proper nutrition and regular physical activity will improve your mood and ease the discomforts of pregnancy.

Beware and remember that the period of pregnancy is one of the most wonderful moments in life before birth. Have fun and enjoy every moment!

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