While before traveling with babies were considered some kind of a horror, more and more parents nowadays choose to take their child with them on their trips. There is a reason why  — you do not have to chase your baby around and they can’t say «I want this».

 Of course, the new member of your family has his requirements, but with a little more organization everything will go smoothly.


For ultimate comfort, select a day when it is  neither too warm nor too cold. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature that well and extreme weather conditions are too hard on them.

Get to know the terrain in order to choose the best way to carry your baby. A stroller can be perfect for a city walk. However, if you’ve decided to climb Plovdiv’s hills or to visit the  mountain, a sling or a kangaroo might be a better option (as long as the baby likes it).


We know you want to be prepared for every possible situation. In fact, you do not need anything more than the usual things for a longer walk  plus a few extra diapers, a thermometer, and some first aid drugs. You can bring some paracetamol, probiotics, an insect bite cream. Do not forget sunscreen with a high SPF even in winter.

Your bag will feel lighter if you are breastfeeding. That’s another reason to choose breastmilk over baby formula.

Traveling with a baby requires a little more patience, but it can still be fun and useful both for you and your baby. On the one hand, your baby will grow used to being in different situations, surroundings and  vehicles. On the other hand, you will get a sense of what a longer trip would look like in the presence of your most precious.

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