The actress talked about her initiative to help couples with reproductive problems at «Wake Up»

«I will gift an in vitro procedure with stimulation included and a donor egg procedure because there are people who, unfortunately, have reproductive problems but the dream of having a child does not die in them. I very much hope that this initiative will have a meaningful end, «revealed Desi Bakardzhieva in» Wake up. «

«It is important for me to have more Bulgarians. The latest statistics scared me. I want for Bulgaria to have more children and more families to be happy. It should be known that reproductive health is very important, » told the actress.

«There is an email posted on my Facebook page where anyone of you can send me a letter to tell their story and why they want a child. I will carry out this initiative in cooperation with a clinic in Plovdiv, for which I am very grateful to Dr. Petrova and all the other specialists. Together we will read the letters and give these two procedures on Good Sunday, «said Desi Bakardjieva.

The actress has revealed that her decision to make this initiative was also influenced by her role in «Stolen life.» Her heroine in the most successful Bulgarian medical series, Dr. Hinova, has also encountered reproductive problems.

What more Dessy Bakardjieva has told about the initiative, watch the video from Wake Up.

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