The actress from the series «Stolen life» Desi Bakardjieva joined the «Dream with Desi-When the Stars Dream With You» charity campaign, organized by Clinic New Life-Plovdiv. The start was given on March 1, and the winners were selected Tsvetnica Holiday.

Yesterday at a special ceremony at the Plovdiv hospital the winners received an in-vitro procedure with stimulation included and one donor egg procedure with 50% discount.

«I was looking forward to reading the emotional stories of couples with reproductive problems because they are very close to  my heart. Each letter is a little inspiration, and I sincerely share the emotions of families and what they really want most.

Just before one of the brightest Easter holidays I want to send to all the message that they have to believe in the power they possess, not to give up and always make the first steps. This is the most important thing — the first steps towards their dreams and desires. Doing  this, the wheel turns around and everything goes in the right direction, «said Desi Bakardjieva.

The actress got acquainted with the winners and handed them certificates for the campaign procedures. They met with the team of the clinic and the doctors who will be near them in the coming months.

«It was not easy to choose the winners. We read the letters very carefully, discussed them with the clinic staff and we unanimously decided that these were the two most inspiring letters to us that really touched us. I believe unreservedly in the team of the clinic and in the couples, and I will keep a close watch on the future results of the procedures. I wish them patience and curiosity in the most wonderful adventure in their lives — to become parents, » said Desi at the end of the event.

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