Dear patients and friends, due to the difficult epidemiological situation with COVID-19 in Bulgaria and other European countries, New Life Clinic continues to work and take care of your health and that of our team with increased attention to safety, meeting all the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

To ensure your peace of mind when you visit us, all patients will be tested for body temperature with a contactless thermometer.

If there is body temperature over 37.0 ° C, the appointment will be cancelled.

A second waiting room is provided to prevent patients from gathering and to comply with the minimum distance recommended by the World Health Organization.

All precautions such as disinfectants and face masks are provided at the clinic.

We would like to remind you that in the presence of cold or flu symptoms (sore throat, cough, running nose), you are obliged to notify us in advance so that the planned appointments can be changed for the time after your condition has improved.

✅ We will personally notify all patients who already have booked their appointments if we need our working hours to change or if more strict measures are required.

📲 If you need our help, advice or support you can always contact us on 032 693 693, on our free phone number 0800 13 006, as well as with personal message here on our page, or at info@newlifeclinic.bg. You can always count on us!

🙏🏻 Thank you for your understanding!

Be healthy and responsible! #together!

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