Donor egg Program

Donor eggs program at Clinic «New Life»

August 23, 2016 from 17:30 Clinic New Life

Medical Center of Reproductive Health \»New Life\» launched a donor egg program with oocytes from abroad. The program meets all the requirements of the Department of Health and the Executive Agency for Transplantation.

The program allows you to select from a donor database, which can fully meet your requirements. You can see photos of the donors as children, hair colour, eyes, height, education, blood group and others.

On  August 23, 2016 at 17:30 pm at New Life Clinic there will be open day  especially for couples who need or are interested in proceeding with donor eggs will be able to receive complete information on the program and to receive free consultation from Prof.Neri Laufer and Dr. Dobrinka Petrova.

We ask all couples wishing to declare the presence of tel. 032/693 693 or free phone 0800 13 006, where they will receive information on opportunities for counseling.

Because of the great interest and the limited number of hours of consultation, we advise you to book an appointment as soon as possible. All attendees couples in open day on \»Donor program eggs\» who fail to book a consultation with Prof.. Neri Laufer will receive a free consultation with our specialists at  clinic \»New Life\».

Program of the event:

Opening by Dr. Dobrinka Petrova

Prof. Neri Laufer — lecture on \»The need for donated eggs in the global dimension\»

Assoc. Prof. Rumen Dimitrov / chief embryologist at New Life Clinic / — will talk about the donor program of New Life, legislation in Bulgaria, the EU and beyond. Will present solutions to problems associated with donor eggs in Bulgaria.

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