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Donor eggs

Donor Eggs Program Abroad

New Life fertility center has launched its foreign egg donation program! The program is in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Bulgarian Ministry of Health and the Executive Agency of Transplantations.

The program gives our patients the option of selecting a donor based on characteristics such as childhood photos, hair colour, eye colour, height, weight, educational status and blood type.

For more information, please come to the clinic for a consultation!

Indications for the use of donor oocytes

Women who are unable to produce enough good-quality eggs to achieve an IVF pregnancy and who have not frozen some of their eggs at an earlier point in time have the option of using donor eggs.

The biggest advantage of using donor eggs is that it very much increases the patient’s chances of a successful pregnancy. The main reason is that only young women of proven fertility (have to have at least 1 child) can become egg donors in Bulgaria. They produce very good-quality eggs which contributes to the much-higher-than-average success rate of donor egg cycles.

Like sperm donors, egg donors undergo rigorous screening for infectious diseases in order to minimize the risks of using donor eggs to an absolute minimum. The egg donor can also be a family member of the recipient (e.g. sister, cousin). In fact, many patients prefer that option because of the physical and genetic similarities between the donor and the recipient.

7 questions about New Life’s donor egg program answered

Donor Egg program Coordinators are giving Skype consultations regarding New Life’s egg donation program