Stories have always inspired and helped people. For many, movies are a way to kill some of our free time. Besides entertainment, cinema therapy is also a supplemental method psychologists use.

More and more psychologists recommend that their clients watch certain films that are related to their problems. Their goal is thus to «lead» their clients to the right way of solving their issues and despairs.


Films, like other forms of art, provoke people, make them think about different aspects of their lives. Proponents of cinema therapy claim that it can change our thinking, emotions, and the way we respond to different situations. Therefore, it is even practiced as an educational method .

For a better result, it is advisable to reflect on the characters’ behavior and what it can teach you.


Many couples going through in vitro say that their lives have become a schedule. Frequent examinations, procedures, and waiting can negatively affect even the most patient. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t try to have  fun. Movies are a great way to transfer to another world, relax and recharge yourself with positive emotions.

If you want to watch something on the topic and you like documentaries, we recommend «My Future Baby» or «40 Weeks». To have a good laugh, download «Baby Mama»

We should not forget that film therapy is just a supplement to psychotherapy and a means of self-help. Sometimes, however, our problems are more serious and professional help is essential.

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