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Aesthetic Gynecology

Aesthetic Gynecology

Aesthetic gynecology is a highly specialized and rapidly developing new part of the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology. It uses the most modern, innovative and non-invasive methods to diagnose some gynecological symptoms and problems. It enables treatment without a hospital stay, without the need for anesthesia, as fast as possible recovery and without changing your usual way of life.

Procedures we offer

– CO2 laser procedures

– Intimate fillers

– Mesotherapy

– PRP – G – shot

– Package offers

CO2 laser procedures

Innovative, non-invasive laser treatment that is applied to a wide range of problems related to women’s intimate health. Through the method of ablation and stimulation of collagen production, regenerative changes related to the creation of healthier tissue are achieved.

How does it work?

An innovative CO2 laser procedure that works through precise and controlled micro-burns on the vaginal mucosa. This method allows the regeneration and creation of new tissue by stimulating the production of collagen.

How long does it take to achieve results?

Usually 3 procedures are needed to achieve the desired results on the vaginal mucosa. During clinical trials, women reported improvement after the first procedure.

What should I expect after the procedure?

Immediately after the procedure, a slight feeling of warmth may be felt, for the relief of which a hydrating gel may be prescribed. This mild discomfort should not last more than a few hours.

Mesotherapy and fillers for intimate health

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures with mesotherapy and fillers have been developed specifically to improve women’s intimate health and restore their self-esteem during menopause and after childbirth.

As women age, the appearance of the intimate area undergoes hormonal changes. Sometimes chronic irritation can develop, leading to real discomfort during intercourse, exercise (eg cycling, spinning, horse riding) and wearing tight clothing. It can cause recurrent urinary tract infections and general discomfort.

The Intense Rose series of fillers and mesotherapy

These are organic fillers that are very close to natural processes. The Intense Rose series is delicate and pure. It is suitable for soft tissue correction, tissue compaction, lipodystrophy correction. It is characterized by the highest amount of hyaluronic acid – 28 mg /ml – and great elasticity of the hydrogel to guarantee 100% satisfaction for the patient. Intense Rose is widely used to treat lines and wrinkles and to improve the appearance of the vaginal area.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure takes no more than 20 minutes, and the results can last between 6 and 12 months.

Intimate PRP therapy

It is a unique technique to activate the body’s capabilities, involving the injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and growth factors throughout the vagina, inducing the proliferation of stem cells and accelerating tissue and collagen growth. It is used to improve aesthetics and treat gynecological diseases, cicatricial defects, dyspareunia and vaginal dryness.


Gynecological conditions that you may treat these procedures

  • tightening of the vagina with lax vaginal walls
  • improve hydration
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Treatment of vaginal atrophy, atrophic vaginitis
  • Treatment of urinary incontinence (stress incontinence)
  • Procedures on the external genitalia – bleaching, peeling, vulvar rejuvenation
  • Treatment of episiotomy scars after normal childbirth and other operative cicatrixes
  • Better sensitivity of the external genital organs
  • Elimination of genital pain and discomfort during intercourse