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Sperm freezing

Sperm freezing gives the option of storing a sperm sample and preserving it for later use.

Sperm freezing practiced at New Life Specialized Medical Center of Gynecology is conducted using the

slow freezing method. Special cryoprotectants (molecules which reduce cell damage during the transition to lower temperatures) are added to the sperm suspension, followed by a gradual decrease in temperature. The sperm sample is finally introduced into liquid nitrogen.

Sperm freezing is recommended for men who:
✓are away from home on the day of the assisted reproductive treatment

✓are going to undergo a certain type of pelvic or testicular surgery

✓are going to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy

✓are going to undergo a vasectomy

✓have an occupation which negatively impacts male fertility (e.g. prolonged exposure to heavy metals)

✓have diabetes, because it may lead to erectile dysfunction