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Egg freezing

It is widely known that female fertility decreases sharply after a certain age, which is around 35 years of age for the average woman. The main reason for this decrease is that at the age of 35 most women have only few follicles left in their ovaries, which means that higher hormonal stimulation is required to make those follicles grow and mature and even with higher stimulation few good-quality eggs are produced.

For that reason many women who want to preserve their fertility consider the option of oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing), although freezing fertilized eggs (embryo freezing) has been proven to result in higher pregnancy rates.

Egg freezing is recommended for women who:

Are single and want to preserve their fertility until later in life but do not wish their eggs to be fertilized with donor sperm before freezing

Are diagnosed with cancer and want to preserve their fertility before undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy

Are unwilling to consider embryo freezing for religious or ethical reasons

Have a family history of early menopause and want to preserve their fertility