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Embryo Transfer following IVF

Following in vitro fertilization, the fertilized eggs (now embryos) have been grown in culture medium (special liquid containing nutrients) for 2 to 6 days, they are ready to be transferred into the patient’s uterus. This procedure is known as embryo transfer (ET).

The best quality embryos are selected for transfer. Usually 1 to 3 embryos are transferred, depending on the patient’s age and medical history.

During the ET procedure a speculum is inserted into the vagina, so that the gynecologist can visualize the cervix and cleanse it using disinfectant solution.

Next, the embryologist loads the patient’s embryo(s) into a catheter, after double checking the patient’s identity. Then he passes the catheter to the gynecologist who inserts it through the cervical canal and into the uterine cavity under ultrasound guidance.

After the tip of the catheter has reached optimal position for ET, the gynecologist expels its content, thus depositing the embryos in the uterine cavity. The catheter is withdrawn and the embryologist inspects it in order to make sure that all embryos have been transferred.