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Embryo Freezing

Embryo freezing gives the option of storing embryos and preserving them for later use. Embryo freezing is often used by patients who have excess embryos left over from an IVF or an ICSI cycle. It is also widely used by women who wish to preserve their fertility by freezing their embryos.

The only type of embryo freezing practiced at New Life Specialized Medical Center of Gynecology is the newest and most successful method of embryo freezing, called vitrification. Vitrification is a process of very rapid freezing (flash-freezing), which prevents the formation

of ice crystals inside embryos. This is very important because ice crystals damage the structural integrity of egg cells and thus decrease their quality.

The live birth rate achieved with vitrified eggs is slightly lower than that achieved with vitrified embryos, which is comparable to the live birth rate of IVF cycles with fresh (non-frozen) embryos.yos.

Embryo freezing is recommended for women who:

Want to preserve surplus embryos after an IVF/ICSI cycle

Want to delay having children until later in life but already have a male partner

Are single and want to preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs fertilized with donor sperm

Are diagnosed with cancer and want to preserve their fertility before undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy

Have a family history of early menopause and want to preserve their fertility