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Donor egg Program

Donor eggs program at Clinic „New Life“

August 23, 2016 from 17:30 Clinic New Life

Medical Center of Reproductive Health \“New Life\“ launched a donor egg program with oocytes from abroad. The program meets all the requirements of the Department of Health and the Executive Agency for Transplantation.

The program allows you to select from a donor database, which can fully meet your requirements. You can see photos of the donors as children, hair colour, eyes, height, education, blood group and others.

On  August 23, 2016 at 17:30 pm at New Life Clinic there will be open day  especially for couples who need or are interested in proceeding with donor eggs will be able to receive complete information on the program and to receive free consultation from Prof.Neri Laufer and Dr. Dobrinka Petrova.

We ask all couples wishing to declare the presence of tel. 032/693 693 or free phone 0800 13 006, where they will receive information on opportunities for counseling.

Because of the great interest and the limited number of hours of consultation, we advise you to book an appointment as soon as possible. All attendees couples in open day on \“Donor program eggs\“ who fail to book a consultation with Prof.. Neri Laufer will receive a free consultation with our specialists at  clinic \“New Life\“.

Program of the event:

Opening by Dr. Dobrinka Petrova

Prof. Neri Laufer – lecture on \“The need for donated eggs in the global dimension\“

Assoc. Prof. Rumen Dimitrov / chief embryologist at New Life Clinic / – will talk about the donor program of New Life, legislation in Bulgaria, the EU and beyond. Will present solutions to problems associated with donor eggs in Bulgaria.

Nutrition specialist Rositsa Toncheva

We would like to present to you the newest member of our team – nutrition specialist Rositsa Toncheva. Every week we will present to you interesting and practical information about healthy eating for pregnant women and aspiring mothers, as well as nutrition and exercise advice for improved fertili

You can also book a consultation with nutrition specialist Toncheva at New Life clinic by calling 032/ 693 693 or the free number 0800 13 006.

The nutrition specialist Rositsa Toncheva has graduated from the Medical College of Sofia Jordanka Filaretova with a Nutrition Specialist degree. After her graduation she worked as a nutrition specialist for six years at the Institute for Treatment of Foreign Citizens, Sofia. She has also worked as a nutrition specialist in the capital of Greece – Athens for 12 years. The institution where she was employed is the Specialized Medical Institute for Healthy and Dietary Eating.

After her return to Bulgaria, dietologist Toncheva helped breasts cancer patients by taking part in their rehabilitation as a nutrition consultantat the “Specialized Hospitals for Rehabilitation- National Complex” – branch Banya and branch Hisarya.

Nutrition specialist Toncheva is currently a lecturer of Eating and Food Safety at the Medical College of Plovdiv.

Day of Reproductive Health

The now traditional event, initiated by association “Conception”, took place for the 11th year in a row. The motto of this year’s event was “New ways to our dreamt about child.”


Twelve fertility centers from all over the country took part in the event and actively participated in the group discussion about innovations in the field of reproductive medicine. New Life was one of the actively participating centers.

The city of Stara Zagora hosted this year’s event.

Easter Party for our children

On 04/28/2016 – Holy Thursday \“New Life Clinic” organizes \“Easter party for our children.\“

The party was attended by couples who have undergone treatments together with the team of New Life Clinic, that have achieved our common dreams.

Parents and future parents gathered under the roof of our cozy home – New Life under the motto \“For more children in Plovdiv\“

There was organized entertainment for the children and treats for all guests and friends, an exclusive celebration and entertainment, coupled with victory in our common struggle!

The medical manager of the clinic Dr Dobrinka Petrova, Dr. Mariela Daskalova and chief embryologist of the clinic Assoc. Prof. Rumen Dimitrov thanked warmly all our guests for their trust and friendships that we have built, for their persistence and desire so that both sides today can enjoy these little creatures together!

The team of New Life Clinic wishes you bright Easter holidays, filled with faith, kindness and hope in your hearts!

Guests from Israel visited „New Life“ clinic

Special guests at the clinic was Eitan Broshi, Chairman of the Friendship between Bulgaria and Israel and member of the Standing Committee on Health of the Parliament of Israel. Along with him, our guests were David Cohen, Israeli ambassador to Bulgaria for the period 1996-2000 year and Imen Amasha, First Secretary and Deputy Head of Mission.

Personally the manager and obstetrician Dr. Dobrinka Petrova and chief embryologist of the medical center Prof. Rumen Dimitrov showed our guests the clinic. They briefed the delegation on the developments in the field of assisted reproductive technologies and answered their questions on the development of reproductive medicine at a global level.

In remarks Eitan Broshi said that medical center for reproductive health \’New Life\‘ is equipped with the most modern equipment and was  fascinated by the high level of professionalism of the whole team at the clinic. He added that \“New Life\“ is the first successful Israeli investment in healthcare in Bulgaria and should be an example for cooperation on future investment projects of the State of Israel in Bulgaria!

Finalists in the „Wish“ campaign of clinic „New Life“

Dear friends, today is Grandmother\’s Day and we celebrate our professional holiday. You truly touched us with your letters that we get from you for  the \“Wish\“ campaign. Today were announced the winners of the campaign organized by the IVF Center New Life. A representative committee of the IVF center in Plovdiv, \“I want babies\“ Foundation , Association \“Conception\“ and MLD Trading anonimously elected the letter of Desislava Gramova, who told a true love story of her close friend. So the first IVF procedure goes to the  family of Rositsa Bancheva.

The second procedure was withdrawn by the  two-year old Elior Behar and was won by Mrs. Emilia Chausheva of Plovdiv. The draw was conducted in the presence of a notary Tsvetomira Barovskiya. Thank you all for your  letters and participation in the campaign, we were extremely excited and cried with you! We promise that we will contact all participants in the campaign and will pay individual attention to every story, because we believe we can help with joint efforts to achieve your dream!

New Life Clinic donates two free IVF treatments including stimulation.

Embrace your dream with the \“Wish!\“ campaign of  New Life Clinic.

New Life Clinic donates two free IVF treatments including stimulation. Send us your personal story on e-mail: wish@newlifeclinic.bg and you can fulfill your most cherished dream for the Christmas holidays – a home filled with children\’s laughter!

The campaign \“Wish\“, which can  fulfill the  most cherished dream of two families for Christmas, launches on 04.12.2015 and will continue up to 25.12.2015. On the 21.01.2016 – the national celebration of Babinden –  the winner will be announced.

The empathy towards couples with reproductive problems in Bulgaria of clinic New Life – Plovdiv and partners of the campaign FOT, MLD and IVD BG to couples with reproductive problems in Bulgaria prompted the IVF center to create the \“Wish\“ campaign, which will make the dream of two Bulgarian families possible by donating two in vitro procedures.

The initiative is for couples who meet pre-set conditions and also write a letter  sharing  their emotional  story, thoughts and feelings so as to convince the jury that they are the most appropriate couple that deserves the prize.

You can check the complete conditions for participation in the campaign at the official website of the clinic: www.newlifeclinic.bg – \“Wish\“

The  letters will be published in the Facebook profile of New Life Clinic – Plovdiv with complete confidentiality to the participants. All of them will receive the right to participate, but only the most touching letter will win  the first IVF procedure.


Second prize will be drawn on a lottery basis, including all participants, whether their letter impressed the jury or not.

The winning couples will be announced on 01.21.2016 (Day of maternal care) at New Life – Plovdiv in the presence of a notary, the whole jury and all guests for the winner of the first prize and the second prize will be  drawn on a lottery basis. The event campaign \“Wish\“ will be captured on video and uploaded to the website and social profiles of New Life Clinic – Plovdiv.

The five members of the jury are representatives of the company for hormonal medication in vitro LMD, \“I want a baby\“ and Association \“Conception\“ and, of course, two specialists from New Life Clinic – medical manager Dr Dobrinka Petrova and Marketing Manager Vladimir Penchev.

\“As a member of the jury of the \“ Wish! \“ campaign I realize the heavy task that we have undertaken in order to choose the winning couple. It is clear that we cannot donate all IVF procedures, and therefore, there will be a lot of couples unhappy with this fact.  We want to ensure the participants who do not win, not to lose hope, because we will take care of each case at New Life. Our center is known for its professional counseling and caring attitude towards all patients. On the other hand, I want to say that we will continue with new campaigns in the future, because the interest in the initiative is enormous, even before its launch, \“commented Dr. Petrova in regards to the Wish campaign.

Couples who meet the conditions should send their letters to  email address wish@newlifeclinic.bg until 25.12.2015.