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Nutrition specialist Rositsa Toncheva

We would like to present to you the newest member of our team – nutrition specialist Rositsa Toncheva. Every week we will present to you interesting and practical information about healthy eating for pregnant women and aspiring mothers, as well as nutrition and exercise advice for improved fertili

You can also book a consultation with nutrition specialist Toncheva at New Life clinic by calling 032/ 693 693 or the free number 0800 13 006.

The nutrition specialist Rositsa Toncheva has graduated from the Medical College of Sofia Jordanka Filaretova with a Nutrition Specialist degree. After her graduation she worked as a nutrition specialist for six years at the Institute for Treatment of Foreign Citizens, Sofia. She has also worked as a nutrition specialist in the capital of Greece – Athens for 12 years. The institution where she was employed is the Specialized Medical Institute for Healthy and Dietary Eating.

After her return to Bulgaria, dietologist Toncheva helped breasts cancer patients by taking part in their rehabilitation as a nutrition consultantat the “Specialized Hospitals for Rehabilitation- National Complex” – branch Banya and branch Hisarya.

Nutrition specialist Toncheva is currently a lecturer of Eating and Food Safety at the Medical College of Plovdiv.

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