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Ин витро за чужедестранни граждани


Dear friends,

If your dreams need help, if you are trying to get pregnant for more than one year yet it doesn’t happen, if for some reason the baby-coming is delayed, don’t loose heart, look for help and be advised by the professionals in the sphere.

Until 31 August 2019 you can take advantage of our experience and be advised about the reproductive medicine and also to talk to us absolutely free of charge.

We will be happy to respond and to help with our experience and consultations in leading you out of the complex labyrinth named “reproductive problem”.

We kindly ask all couples that are willing to come to make appointments in advance on 032 693 693 or on free tel. 0800 13 006. We are looking forward to meeting you and facing your cases up to 31 August 2019

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