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New Life Clinic гр.Бургас


New Life clinic is a leading center for male and female reproductive health and assisted reproduction –  happy to announce about the openig of its new point in burgas for regular check-ups and consultation

New Life Clinic Burgas operate as a satellite center of New Life Clinic Plovdiv and providing full services for couples and individuals that require assisted reproduction.

Patients from Burgas and the region will have the opportunity to be more readily consulted, examined or followed-up on the spot at our newly opened point in Burgas.

New Life Clinic Burgas – Offers

Gynecology consultations and services

Couples male and female

Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment

Consultation – Donor Programs:

Egg Donation, Sperm Donation

Reproductive Genetics test

Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) – from April 2020

High-risk pregnancy, ultrasound examination

New Life is a unique state of the art clinic, offering all kinds of test, exams and treatments that you may need

New Life is a center for assisted reproductive technology (ART) and reproductive health based in the heart of Plovdiv. The highly skilled team of the fertility center is headed by the famous fertility doctor dr Dobrinka Petrova and consulted by the internationally acclaimed specialists in the field of reproductive health.

The IVF center is located in Bulgaria, Plovdiv and offers a full range of services with donor programs for sperm, oocytes, classic IVF treatment, ICSI, IMSI, with the most advanced European technologies in reproductive medicine. The clinic has a specialized section for men under the name New Life Male center in which our specialists take care of men’s health. The center offers CASA (computer assisted semen analysis) and Tefna (testicular biopsy – a new and gentle method for men compared to classical).

Our team of professionals will do everything in their power to make your dream of having a baby come true.

At New Life we ​​do not give up on difficult cases

Our team views difficult cases as a challenge to deal with. Many of our patients have had unsuccessful procedures before coming to us and realizing their dream of becoming a parent with us. Some of our team members are actively engaged in research and have a considerable number of publications behind their backs. This and our Israeli consultants allows our team to keep abreast of the latest developments in reproductive medicine and to apply them in clinical practice for the benefit of our patients.

Republic of Bulgaria
Burgas, Transportna Str. / behind a Mall Plaza /



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