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About 50% of couples with reproductive problems are diagnosed with a male infertility factor. However, men are generally less likely than women to undergo fertility assessments. One reason for this is the misconception that male infertility is associated with impotence or reduced masculinity.

 Sometimes the only way to conceive is through the use of donor sperm. Of course, in order to reach this conclusion, all other possibilities for assisted reproduction must have been exhausted, or they must inapplicable in your case.


 No one is ready to learn that they suffer from infertility. This news usually makes men and women feel the same way – depressed and with a low self-esteem. While women prefer to seek support from family and friends, men often decide to deal with the problem by distancing themselves from it.


 Having a child is probably the most important decision a couple can make. That is why it is very important that both partners have the same opinion on that matter. Meanwhile, pressuring your partner into having a baby is unacceptable and could lead to problems in the future.


Infertility is a real test of a person’s psyche and the relationship between partners. The problem must not be ignored, and at the same time the talks on the subject must be filled with a lot of compassion, patience and a willingness to compromise.

  1. You know your partner the best. If he finds it difficult to talk about his problems, give him time to think about what is happening without being intrusive.
  2. Start a conversation only when both of you are rested and not in a hurry.
  3. Show compassion. Before you say something that would hurt your partner, put yourself in his shoes.
  4. Talk about your feelings. Does your partner agree that you get pregnant by donor sperm? How would he feel about raising a child he’s not genetically related to? What would you say to family, friends, and one day to the child?
  5. Seek professional help. A psychologist can be a great mediator when we need to have a serious conversation. With us in New Life you can also get a consultation with a psychologist who has experience with couples suffering from infertility.

Donor sperm are a promising option for couples suffering from male infertility factor. As with other forms of assisted reproduction, the road to a successful pregnancy is often long, but the end result is always worth it.



Dear friends,

New Life Medical Center is organizing a campaign aimed at families who want to make their dream come true.

The team of the clinic will consult couples with reproductive problems completely free of charge in the period from 15.10.2021-31.10.2021. The consultations will be held in New Life Clinic Plovdiv with a pre-booked appointment.

All interested couples should make an appointment on 032693693 or on 0 800 13 006.

New Life Medical Center offers a full range of services related to donor programs for sperm, egg donation, classic in vitro procedures, Ixi, Imsi, with the latest European technologies in reproductive medicine.

The clinic has a specialized department for men called New Life Male Center in which our specialists take care of men’s health. The in vitro clinic has CASA (computer-assisted spermogram) and Tefna (testicular biopsy – a new and gentle method for men compared to the classic one).


School for pregnant women and parents opened its doors in a Burgas clinic

School for pregnant women opened its doors in clinic “NewLife” in Burgas. The lectures are completely free and will be held once a month, giving expectant mothers the opportunity to receive important information about the period of pregnancy, birth and the first months of the baby life. All doctors and midwives who are going to perform the lectures are with many years of experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Key topics such as “What to expect from pregnancy?”, “How to prepare for childbirth?”, “The peculiarities of normal birth and cesarean section” are covered. The lectures affect topics on the psychological aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, what to buy for the newborn, how to deal with the challenges of breastfeeding and what we need to know about the health of the baby, and many others. We work in small groups to ensure compliance with anti-epidemic measures and maximum security for mothers.

“The first lecture passed with great interest, as the places for it were reserved only 30 minutes after the lecture was announced,” commented Dr. Davidova from the health institution and added that gifts are provided for every expectant mother. The next lecture will be on the topic “Peculiarities of normal birth and c-section” and will be held on October 12 at 11:30 am, on the 5th floor of the clinic, located in Izgrev, behind the mall “Burgas Plaza”. Guest lecturer for November will be the beloved by all mother’s senior midwife Svetlina Nikolova. It is important for those wishing to make an appointment, to call in advance on tel. 0879 084 777.

In the meantime, from October 1 to 15, the medical center starts two new campaigns, part of the regular initiatives which the clinic conducts in the field of intimate and reproductive health.

-Package “Women’s prophylaxis” – includes diagnosis, gynecological examination, ultrasound, taking cytological or microbiological material and its examination– on the price of 35 lv.
-Reproductive health package – includes reproductive consultation + Anti-Mullerian hormone.

The program “Reproductive Health” is aimed at the treatment and diagnosis of couples with reproductive problems and women with reduced ovarian reserve. Examinations will be held every weekday with a pre-booked appointment. For more information, please call 056 55 55 59 or 0879 084 777.