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Emotions and mood swings are something that almost every pregnant woman encounters at some point. This can be quite stressful especially for those of you who are more reserved and not used to expressing their emotions.


Many factors, both external and internal, affect emotionality during pregnancy. On the one hand, are estrogens and progesterone, whose levels are higher in pregnant women. They can also affect the mood of women in the different phases of the menstrual cycle. On the other hand, all the other factors – the joy of becoming a mother, worrying whether you will be financially stable after the baby is born or the fear of the birth itself. In some women even the change in appearance can be a source of stress and unpleasant emotions.

  1. Accept that this is normal. All the emotions you feel are fully understandable and do not mean „there’s something wrong with you“. If they do not prevent you from doing your daily activities, there is no cause for concern.
  2. Be generous about your sleep. Good sleep can do miracles for physical and mental health. Some pregnant women, however, have trouble sleeping because of the size of the abdomen, difficulty breathing or heartburn. It is advisable to sleep sideways, and putting a pillow between the legs and under the abdomen relieves discomfort. If you suffer from heartburn, lift the upper part of the body with more pillows.
  3. You are not annoying if you share. Surround yourself with the people who understand and support you and do not worry about telling them how you feel. If you prefer to share your thoughts with a stranger, do not be ashamed to look consult with a psychologist.
  4. Mind your diet. When we do not feel well, we often resort to candy and junk food, a.k.a. comfort food. In fact, many of these foods are rich in salt, which can raise your blood pressure and make you hold fluid, which is unlikely to improve your mood.

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes and everything happens so fast that makes adjustment difficult. Emotions, though sometimes inexplicable, are part of this great journey. They are not harmful, as long as we treat them in a healthy way.

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