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  1. How did you choose medicine for your recognition? How did start thinking about becoming a doctor?

I have always felt that my life is connected with medicine. I have come a long and difficult way to make this dream come true. I put a lot of effort and will to be here now and do what I love. We do not have doctors in our family and my desire to become one was surprising for my relatives. I am grateful to all of them for supporting me and always be there for me over the years.

  1. What made you focus on reproductive medicine?

 Obstetrics and gynecology are an extensive specialty and allows a person to specialize more closely in different areas. While I was specializing in obstetrics, the birth of a new life was my favorite part of the job, because in my eyes it is a miracle and I wanted to be a part of it. Sterility is a deepening problem even among young couples. This part of our specialty is dynamic and constantly evolving, so I wanted to participate in it. This is my way to help people to become a real family.

  1. What would you say to all people with reproductive problems?

Time is precious to all of us. My advice is do not wait for years and experience the disappointment of the negative test every month, because it exhausts the couple emotionally. When specialized help is sought and the problem is found, even if the path to the baby is not short, the important thing is that measures are taken and the couple is going in the right direction.

  1. What are the most important moments during a pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wonderful condition and every moment of it is precious and important. In our textbooks is written that it is a woman’s physiological condition, but we all know how many changes occur in the physique and emotions during these nine months. Monthly visits to an obstetrician are essential.

  1. You have diverse interests. You have started studying Dietetics. How important is nutrition during pregnancy?

Nutrition is extremely important throughout life and especially during pregnancy, when in addition to our health we need to think about the proper development and growth of our baby. A balanced diet is important even before pregnancy. Nowadays life is so busy and predisposes to dietary mistakes which can cause disorders in a woman’s carbohydrate metabolism – insulin resistance and the often-accompanying problem of polycystic ovaries. On the other hand, this often leads to obesity and subsequently problematic pregnancy.

  1. How do you free your mind in your spare time? What do you like to do besides the medicine?

I like riding a bike, reading books, especially in the field of human psychology and human relationships. In general, I am an active person and I do not like to stay in one place.

  1. What is New Life for you? What prompted you to take this important step?

 New Life is a very special place for me. In a way, it’s my baby right now. I am completely dedicated to the clinic and I am proud of myself that I had the faith and courage to take this step. Change is not always easy, but in a sense, it is necessary to move forward and develop. My choice to work only in New Life came naturally and as expected because of my interest in the field of reproductive medicine. I fully trust the clinic – the people behind it, the team of specialists working here and the direction that we have taken and develop together.

Dr. Darina Davidova

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