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„Mission: Reproductive Health“

If such a long-awaited pregnancy does not occur or you want to check your reproductive status, you can take advantage of the current campaign of New Life Clinic – „Mission: Reproductive Health“

For Consultation with a reproductive health specialist

– Free anti-Mueller hormone test

Because of the required time for the consultations and examinations, please make an appointment in advance on tel. 032 693 693 for the city of Plovdiv or 0879 084 777 for the city of Burgas.

The campaign focuses on topics such as fertility, reproductive health prevention, and ovarian reserve assessment. One of the main goals of the initiatives is to provide information on the options and opportunities facing women for freezing reproductive material because of medical and social reasons – due to cancer treatment, progressively declining ovarian reserve, postponing pregnancy to a later stage or premature menopause.

Antimullerian hormone (AMH) analysis is a blood test that is done quickly and gives information about the ovarian reserve. Its levels rise gradually, starting from the day of birth and reaching a maximum value around the age of 25. With age there is a decline in values, as the period around menopause the results are very low.

All ladies who need a specialized reproductive consultation can book their appointment at New Life Clinic. We remind you that we are the first in-vitro center in Bulgaria, which transfers know-how from Israel in the field of assisted reproductive technologies on the Bulgarian market. The center has modern equipment and our specialists approach each patient individually, paying attention not only to the medical side of the treatment, but also to the human and emotional history behind each of them.

We start the campaign thematically in the first spring month – April, the beginning of new opportunities, aspirations and hopes.

The examinations start on Monday – 04.04.2022 and will continue until the end of the month.

For the city of Plovdiv, the campaign is carried out jointly with the Synevo laboratory.




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