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Do Male Hormones Affect Your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Dear friends,

We are bringing to your attention another interesting publication which will challenge your current knowledge about the male hormone testosterone.

As any woman trying to conceive knows, female sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are key to female fertility.

And while most women think of unsightly facial hair or acne when they hear about testosterone in females, it turns out that androgens – or male hormones – have a more important and positive role to play in the female body.

A study published in a reputable USA journal claims that male hormones, especially testosterone, seem to promote the growth of follicles, responsible for containing and eventually releasing mature eggs. Male hormones also prevent the follicles from dying at an earlier age. Therefore, women with lower-levels of these hormones as well as those who have reduced numbers of male hormone receptors may have a smaller number of follicles as a whole as well as follicles that die before the egg has a chance to mature and be released.

The bottom line of this study and others that followed is that male hormones can positively affect your chances of getting pregnant if they are in balance with your female hormones.

REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU READ IN ANY ARTICLE, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR TREATING GYNECOLOGIST (IVF SPECIALIST) BEFORE TAKING ANY NEW SUPPLEMENT! They have the knowledge and tools to decide whether the supplement in question may be helpful in your case. Good luck with your treatment!

There are thousands of interesting articles on the internet on topics related to conception and pregnancy. However, not many of them are backed scientifically or empirically. The purpose of the articles we post for you is to select the most interesting and useful information for you and present it in a popular language that would be easy to understand.

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