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For years the biological significance of the female orgasm has been a subject of debate. Evidently, a woman can conceive without it. But does it help? Two popular hypotheses say “Yes”.


As many of you have probably heart fertilization takes place in the Fallopian tubes. For spermatozoa going through the vagina, the cervix, the uterus and along the tube is very long and time-consuming. It takes hours or even days. Most of the spermatozoa die before they even reach the Fallopian tubes. The oocyte also has a short life span after ovulation – about 48 hours. In other words even if enough spermatozoa reach the ampulla region of the Fallopian tube, where fertilization takes place, their arrival has to coincide with ovulation (+/- 1 day). That explains why even if everything is OK with both partners, conceiving naturally usually takes months, sometimes more than a year.


The vagina and the uterus are made of extremely powerful muscles. When the woman climaxes, the muscle contraction creates a vacuum which literally sucks up the sperm towards the uterine cavity and the Fallopian tubes. This dramatically increases the number of spermatozoa which reach the Fallopian tubes and increases the chance of fertilization.

It is believed that if the woman gets an orgasm about a minute before the man, the amount of sperm retained inside the uterus is greater, which increases the chances of conception.


Do you feel sleepy after sex? This is your body’s way of telling you that you should lie down. During intercourse the sperm is deposited in the vagina. Motile spermatozoa move into the cervix where they cannot fall out from due to gravity. However, sperm moving into the cervix takes time. Therefore, it is recommended that the woman does not get up right away since sperm will start leaking out.

FUN FACT: A few days before ovulation, estrogen levels are the highest. Then the probability of having orgasm is also the greatest.

Orgasms have many benefits beyond pleasure. They are thought to reduce stress, migraine spells, strengthen the immune system, and last but not least, the relationship with your partner. Whether they help with conception, we leave for you to find out 😉

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