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Безплатни прегледи и консултации


“New Life” Clinic launched a campaign with free examinations and consultations for the offered laser procedures, as a modern way of treatment of a number of gynecological problems.

The campaign will be held in August in the cities of Burgas and Plovdiv.

Examinations will be aimed at women with problems following a traumatic normal birth, stress incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine), atrophy or other related conditions in this area.

All interested ladies can reserve an appointment for an exam and consultation by calling 032 693 693 for the city of Plovdiv and 056 555 599, 0879 084 777 for the city of Burgas.

The clinic has two specialized laser devices of the highest class for performing non-invasive laser procedures – defined as a new era in the field of modern gynecology. Laser procedures replace many of the existing methods of treating a number of gynecological problems in a safe, painless and elegant way. This is a non-invasive (bloodless) procedure that does not damage the surface of the epidermis. The laser heats the tissues in the moisture area and thus stimulates the formation of new collagen. Instead of cutting out the excess tissue, as is the case with traditional surgery, the laser tightens it. The whole procedure lasts about 20 minutes. No preliminary preparation is necessary, there is no recovery period, there is no need to take medication.

The risk of complications or infections, which are possible during operative interventions, is eliminated. The effect is visible and tangible already after the first procedure, but for the best final result, it is recommended to perform three procedures at a certain time interval.

“New Life” Clinic has a rich history in the field of gynecology. For the years of its existence, it has daily proven its established positions in the field of gynecology and reproductive medicine.



“Mission: Reproductive Health”

If such a long-awaited pregnancy does not occur or you want to check your reproductive status, you can take advantage of the current campaign of New Life Clinic – “Mission: Reproductive Health”

For Consultation with a reproductive health specialist

– Free anti-Mueller hormone test

Because of the required time for the consultations and examinations, please make an appointment in advance on tel. 032 693 693 for the city of Plovdiv or 0879 084 777 for the city of Burgas.

The campaign focuses on topics such as fertility, reproductive health prevention, and ovarian reserve assessment. One of the main goals of the initiatives is to provide information on the options and opportunities facing women for freezing reproductive material because of medical and social reasons – due to cancer treatment, progressively declining ovarian reserve, postponing pregnancy to a later stage or premature menopause.

Antimullerian hormone (AMH) analysis is a blood test that is done quickly and gives information about the ovarian reserve. Its levels rise gradually, starting from the day of birth and reaching a maximum value around the age of 25. With age there is a decline in values, as the period around menopause the results are very low.

All ladies who need a specialized reproductive consultation can book their appointment at New Life Clinic. We remind you that we are the first in-vitro center in Bulgaria, which transfers know-how from Israel in the field of assisted reproductive technologies on the Bulgarian market. The center has modern equipment and our specialists approach each patient individually, paying attention not only to the medical side of the treatment, but also to the human and emotional history behind each of them.

We start the campaign thematically in the first spring month – April, the beginning of new opportunities, aspirations and hopes.

The examinations start on Monday – 04.04.2022 and will continue until the end of the month.

For the city of Plovdiv, the campaign is carried out jointly with the Synevo laboratory.




Естетична гинекология



All ladies will have the opportunity to make a free individual consultation and take an expert opinion in the field of aesthetic gynecology until the end of March at New Life Clinic Plovdiv and Burgas.

The exams will be scheduled in advance on 032 693 693 for the city of Plovdiv and 056 555 599, 0879 084 777 for the city of Burgas.

More than a year ago, the center acquired the first for the city of Burgas, a specialized laser for non-invasive laser procedures – defined as a new era in the field of modern gynecology. Recently, the clinic expanded its activities in this area with another machine located in the city of Plovdiv.

Non-invasive laser medicine is a modern and innovative method of treating a number of gynecological problems. The procedures are non-invasive, without the need for anesthesia or hospital stay, fully compatible with daily lifestyle. The risk of complications or infections that are possible during surgery is eliminated. The effect is visible and noticeable after the first procedure, but for the best end result it is recommended to perform three procedures at regular intervals.

More detailed information about the possibilities of laser treatment can be obtained at your individual consultation, where you will receive answers to all questions that concern you.




Urethral stress incontinence is a common problem in middle-aged women, after natural childbirth or due to physiological weakness of the connective tissue.

Stress incontinence occurs when you sneeze, cough, laugh, jog, or do other things that put pressure on your bladder. It is the most common type of bladder control problem in women.

In cases of stress incontinence, the muscles in the pelvis can weaken. This makes the bladder dropping down into a position that prevents the urethra to close completely. The result is a leakage of urine.

A number of things can contribute to stress incontinence, some of which are:

  • Overweight
  • Pelvic surgery
  • Estrogen deficiency – in the postmenopausal period
  • Anatomical disorders
  • Pregnancy and childbirth

The disease is progressive – it begins with mild episodic discharge of a small amount of urine and may lead to inability to perform normal daily activities.

Timely treatment and solving this unpleasant symptom is especially important for leading a normal and fulfilling lifestyle.

In Bulgaria, laser therapy of stress incontinence is a new perspective for treatment, gaining more and more popularity.

The non-invasive and regenerative procedures offered by our clinic can deal with all these intimate health problems. With a certain course of treatment, we could restore tightness, aesthetically improve and rejuvenate your body in this area, increase sexual desire and practically to regain what gradually causes time.


During the various stages of live, especially after childbirth and menopause, women can experience a number of medical conditions and problems that cause both discomfort and disturbances. These may include vaginal weakness and dryness, incontinence, scarring, pain during intercourse caused by dyspareunia and general loss of libido. The combination of all these prerequisites can have a profound effect on the ability to lead a full social and intimate life for both you and your partner.

Vulvo vaginal atrophy (VVA) affects up to 80% of post-menopausal women. The symptoms primarily include vaginal dryness, irritation, itching, dysuria, and dyspareunia. These symptoms can adversely affect interpersonal relationships, quality of life and sexual function. The main cause for VVA is a drop in estrogen levels during menopause. The change in estrogen level causes the vaginal lining to become thinner, dryer and less elastic. As the urinary tract is also estrogen dependent and since the urethral epithelium originates from the same embryologic tissue as the vaginal epithelium, women with VVA may also have symptoms such as urge incontinence (UI) or stress urinary incontinence (SUI).


Laser-based technologies and especially fractional CO2 lasers, have been proven to be safe and effective for a range of indications involving tissue remodeling over the past few decades.

Recent scientific literature shows that treatment with fractional CO2 lasers can be used also for treatment of vaginal health related conditions and specifically that it significantly improves symptoms of VVA in post-menopausal women.

In addition to symptoms improvement, histological data indicate that fractional CO2 lasers cause a thickening and a restoration of the vaginal mucosa.

Intimate health



New Life Clinic with open meeting forum and individual consultations about in vitro procedure with donor eggs in the city of Varna

Reproductive Medical Center “New Life” presents its egg donation program in the city of Varna.

The event will be held on January the 29th (Saturday) 2022 at 11 am at the Roslin Dimyat Hotel – Conference Hall “Enira”.

For more information and to request attendance, please call 0879084777. Places are limited due to the imposed pandemic measures.

All couples who visit the open day will have the opportunity for free consultations with our manager of the donor program and Dr. Darina Davidova, immediately after the official part of the event. The meeting will be also attended by the executive director of MediCover, of which the clinic is an official representative for the country.

New Life Clinic is an exclusive partner of MediCover for Bulgaria, providing a program that meets all the requirements and rules of the Ministry of Health and the Executive Agency for Transplantation.

The program is aimed at women who do not respond well enough to hormonal stimulation due to their age or insufficient ovarian reserve. It also allows to choose a suitable donor from a list of diverse information about physical characteristics such as height, weight, natural hair color and more. All donors undergo rigorous screening by a qualified geneticist, who takes a detailed history of both the donor and her family members. We are convinced that even those of you with specific requirements will be able to find the right donor.

“New Life” is the first in-vitro center in Bulgaria to transfer know-how from Israel in the field of assisted reproductive technologies to the Bulgarian market. The clinical practices in the center follow the model established by its consultants Prof. Neri Laufer and Dr. Anat Safran, who are involved in determining the diagnosis and method of treatment for each patient. The satellite center of the clinic in the city of Burgas has been operating for two years now, providing a full range of services and reproductive care to all patients in the region.

Пожелай си



Like every year, New Life Clinic and its partners donate two in-vitro procedures with included stimulation and tests on couples with reproductive problems. The “Wish” campaign has been a tradition of the medical center and regularly starts at the beginning of the most magical month of the year – December, as its end is announced on Midwives Day during the new one – 21.01.

Again, this year the campaign will make possible the dream of two Bulgarian families to become true by donating two in vitro procedures.

This time, the team of the clinic decided “Wish” initiative to bring a positive charge and couples who want to take part to have fun during the process. The condition for participation is to send a favorite Christmas recipe, supported by a photo and a short text describing a favorite memory connected with it.

The campaign starts on December 1, 2021 and will last until December 23, 2021. Until this date, please send your Christmas recipes, accompanied by a photo and a description of a favorite memory, which you connected with it, to our e-mail address wish@newlifeclinic.bg. After that we will share all of them on our social networks. Until 20.01.2022 we will give the opportunity to vote for each recipe, as the two collected the most “likes” will be the winners. The team of the clinic will announce who are the lucky couples on January the 21st 2022.

According to regulations, only citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria can participate in the campaign.



NewLife Burgas with a campaign for the World’s Month for Men`s Health

  • Sperm analysis – 97
  • Examination by a urologist – 35 NGN

MOvember, or the month of the mustache, is already a global trend that initiated in Australia. In English, the word Movember is a combination of the Australian word for mustache – “Mo” and the month of November. The main goal of this initiative is to raise awareness of men’s health.

In this regard, the team of New Life Burgas presents a campaign dedicated entirely to men’s health. In the month when we pay special attention to the stronger sex, we are giving a preferential total price of 150 BGN for our sperm analysis by the CASA method and examination by a urologist.

For registration, please call 056555599 or 0879084777, where you will receive more information about the campaign.

Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) is an automated sperm analysis system in which sperm concentration, motility and morphology are assessed by specialized software. The main advantage of CASA is that it eliminates the subjectivity associated with the human factor in manual semen analysis, thereby allowing for better standardization of the procedure. Using the CASA method, our sperm analyzes are extremely accurate.

The results will be provided to you via e-mail and clarified by our urologist – dr. Popov.

The analysis is in full compliance with the requirements of the Reproductive Health Fund and can be presented as part of the documents attached to your application.






Dear friends,

New Life Medical Center is organizing a campaign aimed at families who want to make their dream come true.

The team of the clinic will consult couples with reproductive problems completely free of charge in the period from 15.10.2021-31.10.2021. The consultations will be held in New Life Clinic Plovdiv with a pre-booked appointment.

All interested couples should make an appointment on 032693693 or on 0 800 13 006.

New Life Medical Center offers a full range of services related to donor programs for sperm, egg donation, classic in vitro procedures, Ixi, Imsi, with the latest European technologies in reproductive medicine.

The clinic has a specialized department for men called New Life Male Center in which our specialists take care of men’s health. The in vitro clinic has CASA (computer-assisted spermogram) and Tefna (testicular biopsy – a new and gentle method for men compared to the classic one).


School for pregnant women and parents opened its doors in a Burgas clinic

School for pregnant women opened its doors in clinic “NewLife” in Burgas. The lectures are completely free and will be held once a month, giving expectant mothers the opportunity to receive important information about the period of pregnancy, birth and the first months of the baby life. All doctors and midwives who are going to perform the lectures are with many years of experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Key topics such as “What to expect from pregnancy?”, “How to prepare for childbirth?”, “The peculiarities of normal birth and cesarean section” are covered. The lectures affect topics on the psychological aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, what to buy for the newborn, how to deal with the challenges of breastfeeding and what we need to know about the health of the baby, and many others. We work in small groups to ensure compliance with anti-epidemic measures and maximum security for mothers.

“The first lecture passed with great interest, as the places for it were reserved only 30 minutes after the lecture was announced,” commented Dr. Davidova from the health institution and added that gifts are provided for every expectant mother. The next lecture will be on the topic “Peculiarities of normal birth and c-section” and will be held on October 12 at 11:30 am, on the 5th floor of the clinic, located in Izgrev, behind the mall “Burgas Plaza”. Guest lecturer for November will be the beloved by all mother’s senior midwife Svetlina Nikolova. It is important for those wishing to make an appointment, to call in advance on tel. 0879 084 777.

In the meantime, from October 1 to 15, the medical center starts two new campaigns, part of the regular initiatives which the clinic conducts in the field of intimate and reproductive health.

-Package “Women’s prophylaxis” – includes diagnosis, gynecological examination, ultrasound, taking cytological or microbiological material and its examination– on the price of 35 lv.
-Reproductive health package – includes reproductive consultation + Anti-Mullerian hormone.

The program “Reproductive Health” is aimed at the treatment and diagnosis of couples with reproductive problems and women with reduced ovarian reserve. Examinations will be held every weekday with a pre-booked appointment. For more information, please call 056 55 55 59 or 0879 084 777.



The exhibition “Destination Health” was held on September 11 and 12 in the Mall Galleria Burgas, which presented products, services and practices from all fields related to human health being and development.

“Destination Health” informs about the latest applicable achievements of medicine, treatment and prevention options, diagnostic methods and innovative solutions related to health.

The event was aimed at all citizens of Burgas and the region and completely free for visitors. The exhibition was attended by various health organizations, medical and cosmetic centers.

New Life Clinic was invited as a partner of the event and was presented by the head obstetrician-gynecologist in New Life Burgas – Dr. D. Davidova. She briefly talked about the activities of the center and the new services offered by the clinic.