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Безплатни прегледи и консултации


“New Life” Clinic launched a campaign with free examinations and consultations for the offered laser procedures, as a modern way of treatment of a number of gynecological problems.

The campaign will be held in August in the cities of Burgas and Plovdiv.

Examinations will be aimed at women with problems following a traumatic normal birth, stress incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine), atrophy or other related conditions in this area.

All interested ladies can reserve an appointment for an exam and consultation by calling 032 693 693 for the city of Plovdiv and 056 555 599, 0879 084 777 for the city of Burgas.

The clinic has two specialized laser devices of the highest class for performing non-invasive laser procedures – defined as a new era in the field of modern gynecology. Laser procedures replace many of the existing methods of treating a number of gynecological problems in a safe, painless and elegant way. This is a non-invasive (bloodless) procedure that does not damage the surface of the epidermis. The laser heats the tissues in the moisture area and thus stimulates the formation of new collagen. Instead of cutting out the excess tissue, as is the case with traditional surgery, the laser tightens it. The whole procedure lasts about 20 minutes. No preliminary preparation is necessary, there is no recovery period, there is no need to take medication.

The risk of complications or infections, which are possible during operative interventions, is eliminated. The effect is visible and tangible already after the first procedure, but for the best final result, it is recommended to perform three procedures at a certain time interval.

“New Life” Clinic has a rich history in the field of gynecology. For the years of its existence, it has daily proven its established positions in the field of gynecology and reproductive medicine.

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