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In some cases donor eggs are the only way for a couple to have a child. This is often the case for women who do not respond well to ovarian stimulation (so-called low responders), or when their ovarian reserve is diminished. According to the Bulgarian law, donor oocytes can be obtained in two ways: from an anonymous donor or from a relative.

Donor programs with oocytes from anonymous donors are offered by different centers for assisted reproduction in Bulgaria. New Life Clinic donor oocyte program is open to all couples who have the medical indications for this procedure. Our program allows you to select a donor from a detailed list. The list includes a variety of physical features (such as height, weight, natural hair color, etc.), hobbies and interests and chosen career.

Link – „7 Most Frequently Asked Questions about  New Life’s Oocyte Donor Program.“

Donor egg from a relative donor

New LIFE clinic also performs in vitro procedures with donor oocytes from relative  donors. Relative egg donation has a number of advantages. That is why it is one of the options discussed for women who have a sister or  cousin meeting the criteria. According to Ordinance 28, the relative donor has to:

  1. “ be between 18 and 38 years old and mentally healthy.“
  2. „have at least one live-born child“
  3. „up to 3 months prior to the donation procedure present  a negative serum or plasma sample test for:
  4. a) HIV (Anti-HIV-1,2);

(b) hepatitis B (HBsAg and Anti-HBc);

c) hepatitis C (Anti-HCV-Ab);

(d) syphilis.

One of the benefits of donor oocytes from a relative  is that this way the child will be genetically similar to their mother. On the other hand, an undeniable advantage of an anonymous donor oocytes is that donors are under the age of 34. Most of them are much younger. This inevitably affects the quality of the oocytes.

In vitro donor egg procedure with donor eggs is performed only after consultation and a recommendation from a specialist in infertility care. If you’re wondering whether relative or anonymous oocyte donation is more appropriate for you, you can discuss the benefits and disadvantages of both options in detail with your treating physician .

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