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IVF with donor eggs – why is it more expensive than regular IVF?

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The orderby which the procedure of oocyte

donation is carried out is strictly regulated and detailed in Ordinance 28 for activities related to Assisted Reproduction. According to Ordinance 28 “it is INADMISSIBLE TO PUT PRESSURE OR GIVE FINANCIAL INCENTIVE to potential donors of oocytes by medical staff, potential recipients, friends or relatives.”

“It is possible for oocyte donors to be COMPENSATED WITHIN REASONABLE BOUNDS for costs incurred, including: travel, accommodation and stay, absence from work, cause of discomfort or pain, lost profits, etc.”

Everything outside the boundaries quoted above is in violation of the law.


The expenses of clinics/donor banks for the recruitment, selection and consulting of egg donors are considerable. As well the compensation for the donor, these costs include all the medical examinations and preliminary tests before an IVF procedure for both the donor and the recipient. The hormonal stimulation is also more expensive because again both the donor and the recipient are pre-treated with hormones – the former in order to grow a higher number of follicles, containing oocytes, and the latter in order to achieve optimal parameters for embryo implantation and pregnancy. In many cases the donor and the recipient undergo additional manipulations – for example, genetic tests for the donor and hysteroscopy for the recipient.

To an extent the price of a donor egg program depends on the nature of the program in question. If an IVF unit is working with a donor egg bank from abroad, the program is more expensive due to the cost of freezing, transporting and thawing the eggs. The advantages of such a program are that it gives patients the opportunity to choose an egg donor who fulfils all of their requirements (e.g. blood type, height, weight, hair colour, occupation, etc) and that it can start as soon as the patients want.

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